Mr G Brown

10 Downing Street


39 Victoria Street

08705 900 200


June 2007

Dear Gordon

The last ten years have taught me that the best preparation for governing is meetings in Whitehall. It is also spinning the fact that we are listening to the British people. My starting point will always be the concerns, struggles and rising aspirations of hard-working families. The same concerns, struggles and rising aspirations that we should have addressed during the last ten years.

My visits across the country have confirmed my view that we must address new challenges today challenges exactly the same and just as pressing to which we should have responded:

Young couples frustrated they cannot buy their first home;

Young people with talent and ambition wanting the best chance to realise their aspirations;

Patients disappointed that services are not open at the times they want and nurses and NHS staff who feel they don't have enough time with the patients;

Mothers and fathers who want the best schools for their children, and - struggling with work, family and childcare - want to be better parents for their children;

Families who want to do the right thing for our environment and who want to know that their choices make a difference;

Citizens yearning for stronger families and stronger communities and ready to help build them - and elderly citizens seeing the fast pace of change around us and anxious to know how we can protect and strengthen the British way of life.

An electorate disgusted with the lies and spin over our invasion of Iraq.

Today we face the same old priorities and I offer a new leadership for this new time.

If you feel the political system doesn't listen and doesn't care; if you feel powerless and have lost faith; if you feel Westminster is a distant place and politics simply a spectator sport, I will strive to ensure that you think I earn your trust. To pretend to earn your trust not just in foreign policy but pretend to earn your trust in our schools, in our hospitals, in our public services, and to ensure you think I respond to your concerns.

And by pretending we are listening and learning, I want to become a voice for the parent, the patient and the public, whom public services must exist to serve. For ten years I have tried to deliver a stable economy, and that will alwalys be the starting point.

And when people ask me what I will focus on as Prime Minister:

My passion is control.

Controlling education.

Controlling NHS

The same old challenges: affordable housing; building safe, secure and sustainable communities; and building trust in our democracy.

The Britain I want you to think I believe in is a Britain of fairness and opportunity for all. Every British citizen with every chance to make the most of themselves - every community fair to every citizen - if you work hard, you're better off. If you save, you're rewarded. If you play by the rules, we'll stand by you.

There is no higher calling than to lead and serve your country. I will always make it appear that I try to put your concerns and aspirations at the heart of what I do.

I will work hard make it appear I am working for you. I will spin my best for all the people of Britain.

I will lead a new government with the same old priorities. I am more optimistic than ever about what you can achieve despite us - a strong economy and a good society.

And I urge you if you share our values to join with us - the same old Labour Party.

Yours sincerely

Gordon Brown

Prime Minister and Leader of the same old Labour Party